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The Indian financial services sector is one of the most complex, yet one of the most robust and innovative service segments of the Indian economy. Ranging from insurance to capital markets, banking to foreign direct investments and from mutual funds to private equity investments, the financial services sector is undoubtedly the mainstay of Indian economy, and is at par with international financial frameworks.

The Opportunity: Despite current uncertainty, the basic outlook for banking in India is one of long- term potential. Recent RBI announcement giving licenses to new banks has led to extreme activity in the BFSI sector like never before. Attrition is at an all-time high as private sector banks, rural banks and foreign banks rush to expand their branch networks creating a massive job opportunity in the sector.

Add to this the ever-burgeoning middle class that brings a growing credit culture and increasing financial sophistication. Given these factors, industry hiring has reached unprecedented levels.

Executives and senior management must inspire and orchestrate change in order to deliver sustainable positive results. Staying ahead of the game requires superior talent with a deep understanding of world markets, the nuances of risk and the vision to identify emerging opportunities. Simultaneously, the ability to keep up with changes in domestic regulation and demand is key.

Benefits of hiring us:

This is what we are best known for: Exceptional executive placements in banking and financial services. Over the years, we have built up an impressive track record of hiring highly skilled professionals across segments of this industry.

  • Our associates have had first-hand employment in the BFSI industry and understand the demands the environment places on firms to recruit and retain the best available talent.
  • We have an extensive network of senior management in the sector and have successfully placed several managers who have graduated to C-suite levels in the organizations they serve.
  • We bring innovative hiring and retention practices in an industry rife with attrition and where finding trained professionals is the biggest challenge of this sector.
  • Our consultants identify and assess board members, CEOs, and senior functional leadership for a sector that needs leaders who can embrace new business models, boost the morale of their organizations, and address the heightened expectations of shareholders, regulators and other stakeholders.
  • We understand the need to identify and recruit:
  • The best overall business and back-office operational teams to respond to the needs of this rapidly changing environment.
  • Talent from all geographies to man rural branches who must be sensitive to the language and culture of the area.

Sample positions filled:

  • Investment Banking:
  • Asset and Wealth Management:
  • Private Equity:
  • Retail & Consumer Banking:
  • Risk Management:


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